Sky Rules~


This has been very kindly written by Roshni in the forum, the full thread can be found here.

Welcome to the Rules. ~^^

Please read the rules fully and make sure you understand them. We make every effort to be as fair as possible and to reward our members for the time and effort they put into the shell. Please PM either myself, Chandni or another sackholder with any questions you have.

You put more in, you get more out. You will recieve.

Lotting is Points Based.
There are 2 types of points granted. Kill points and Bonus points, both are integrated with one another.

Kill Points are awarded on the following conditions:
- The linkshell collectively kills a Tier 1 NM (i.e. Mother Globe, Ullikumi, Steam Cleaner, etc.). A successful pop item will result in 1 Kill point to all members in Sky.
- The linkshell collectively kills a Tier 2 NM (Demi-Gods: Seiryu, Genbu, Byakko, Suzaku). A successful kill will result in 2 Kill points to all members in Sky.
- The linkshell collectively kills a Tier 3 NM. Kirin. A successful kill will result in 3 Kill points to all members in Sky.

Bonus Points are awarded on the following conditions:
- There will be 1 Bonus point awarded for arriving early for each farming session. Early attendance is taken 15 minutes prior to the start time and will be outside the main shrine entrance, you must be there while wearing your linkshell to qualify.
- An additional Bonus point is awarded after a subsequent 2 hours have been spent in Sky. This is attainable by both early attendees and late-comers.
- There is a chance to earn additional Bonus points by the donation of popsets, complete or not. If only half a popset is donated, no matter what it is, 1 Bonus point is awarded aswell as receiving a Kill point when used. If a full popset is donated, the member has the choice of either securing a single drop for themselves from the kill without using their points whilst not receiving any kill points from the kill - or - recieve the full amount of Bonus points for the pops provided, along with the Kill points upon kill.
Ex~ Donating a full Byakko pop would secure you one drop and no Kill points, or 2 bonus points and 2 Kill points after pop.
Ex~ Donating a full Kirin pop would secure you one drop and no Kill points, or 4 bonus points and 4 Kill points after pop.


Kill points will be fluctuating with the passage of drops to members, whereas Bonus points will stay constant throughout. Your lotting rights initially lie in the amount of Kill points you've earned, and in the senario where 2 members have an equal amount of points wanting the same item, the member with a higher number of Bonus points would be allowed to lot.
Ex~ Cappucino has 10 KP and 13 BP, Moccha has 10 KP and 14 BP. Since their KPs are the same, we take their BP into account and Moccha would be the lotter. Further Ex~ Now, if Cappucino had 11 KP and 13 BP, Moccha still has 10 KP and 14 BP, Cappucino would be the lotter as he has more KP than Moccha - regardless of BP.

You will complete the wishlist thread to your hearts wildest lootwhore tendancies. The golden rule here is, if it's not on your wishlist, you can't lot. For this very reason it is highly important that you write down everything you want from Sky (for jobs 70+ only), as Event Leaders will use this as the main source when deciding who will be able to lot before the NM is popped. From the list of people, Event Leaders will check to see who has the most Kill Points and confirm whether the member is still willing to spend points on the item in question. A sole lotter is announced for every drop on the linkshell. When you win a lot, your kill points will be reduced by the cost for the item, your bonus points remain untouched. In the event an item which noone has on their wish list happens to fall, members with the relevant jobs 60+ shall be permitted to lot. Should nobody want a drop, there will be no reduction of Kill points, and will be classed as a "free-falling" item.

Do not lot anything unless you are called to.

Synthesis Materials/Gil Items will be lotted on by a sackholder, sold and split between those in attendance that did not win anything.

Please remember to follow instructions from your officers and be respectful of other linkshells up there. Even when other linkshells behave badly, please allow the officers to handle any disputes, and I promise your Sky experience will be a plesant and enjoyable one!

Most importantly, Have fun. I know with the barrage and torrent of rules and explaining how the shell works may have put a dampener on the proceedings, but hey! There isn't any more anywhere on the site (I don't think?!). He didnt think that one through now did he >.>

So kick back, relax and enjoy your Sky experience with us. What's better than getting drops with your friends? ^_-

Don't forget that Wish List!! xD

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