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22nd Sept 2009!

Well our 2nd demi-god run went well, we got lots done, and got even more drops! Bad luck on the yakko but we'll sort it out for next time kays! :D!


Like i said lots of drops!!!!

So….. Congratulations to:

Terrax: Sieryu's Sword from Seiryu for 0 points.
Nuhbay: W.hands from Seiryu for 10 points.
Chandni: A.legs from Genbu for 1 point, Genubu's Shield from Genbu for 1 point, (oh and D.hands for 0 points…. >.>).
Siege: Suzaku's sune-Ate from Suzaku for 1 point.
Dadd: Genbu's Kabuto and W.feet from Genbu for 1 point and 5 points repectively.
Pruviant: M.hands from Genbu for 1 point.
Exarkun: Suzaku's Scythe from Suzaku for 0 points.

Finally getting to update this bit, fallen behind a bit with my being ill, but hopefully I can get back on track :D!!

I'm going to back track a little:

10th Sept 2009!

Second round of gods! Excellent job on all 3 yakkos and Suzy!


I forgot to take a screenie for Rozalin and myself on the 3rd byakko ; ;
edit: OMG I FOUND IT!!!! :D:D

Congratulations to:

Pruviant: N.Feet from Suzaku for 10 points.
Xadib: Suzaku's sune-Ate from Suzaku for 1 point.
Chandni: Byakko's Haidate and D.Legs from Byakko for 18 points and 10 points respectively.
Halocas: A.Head and Byakko's Axe from Byakko for 10 points and 0 points respectively.
Rozalin: Byakko's Haidate from a secured Byakko Pop.

8th Sept 2009!

First god pops! Really good job guys on Genbu and Seiryu lets keep it up :D!


Congratulations to:

Siege: W.Hands from Seiryu for 10 points.
Darkaxle: Seiryu's Sword also from Seiryu for 1 point.
Kidcudi: W.feet from Genbu for 0 points.

Chan's Welcome!

At the moment we are recruiting members, so we haven't began any runs yet, look out on the forum and /lsmes for any changes. ^.^~~

For now you can has a piccy!


Enjoy~~ meow~~

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