Welcome To Chan's Magik Linkcell

Hey! Firstly I would like to bid you welcome, and secondly, thank you for stopping by!!


I would like to tell you a little about myself before we get into the argy-bargy of rules and everything…

  • I am Chandni and my fiancé is Roshni; I run the place, he does all the leg work!! (as a good man should!)
  • I'm 21, a student~, and I live in the UK - go go fish and chips!
  • I love cats/kitties/meows/anythign feline, but I dont own any pets ; ; /sadpanda. I say this because I may will be making references to meows~
  • I want to have fun, I can't be bothered with serious-ness and I pay for a game that I want to play, not cry over (or it rule my life…but that inevitably happens >.>;)
  • You will learn to know my hormonal patterns :D! I dont try to be too much of a monster at these times….but women will be women…..
  • You will also learn that I make alot or typos…… ; ; and you will also be able to read through my typos and understand what I'm babbling on about (or maybe you will feign ignorance and just not listen… ¬.¬)…..

Now, hopefully you know a little more about me and you feel comfortable……. you are?!……good!!

I want make this linkshell a happy place to be, if you want it to be your social, never come to events and never ask for any items, then I have no problem :D! Similarly, if you want this to be your only end-game activity linkshell and put all you time and effort in to it, I also have no problem :D! This is just as much your linkshell as it is mine…..maybe mine an iccle bit more?!? pwease!!! But my point is that it's the people that make up the linkshell, that decide if it is a happy place to be, (working together, chatting along and having fun,) or a not so happy place (quarrels, drama, not following rules etc etc….) so if you want to cause arguments and not play fair then maybe this linkshell isn't for you…but still thanks for stopping by!

OMG! I mentioned the Rules word….. As much as this is your linkshell, and you can use it as a social/sky linkshell, rules have to be made, and yes, abided by. To allow a very fair lotting system my fiancé and I have devised a points system, it came out of my head so if there are kinks and creases that we haven't ironed out, then please bear with us ^.^. We will be putting alot of effort into recording things such as attendance/drops/points etc etc so please repay us by showing us your commitment by putting effort into the linkshell….it will not go unnoticed, nor unappreciated :)

Have Fun and Enjoy your Stay ^.^~~~

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